About this site

Hello there! People say you have to have a niche. That you have to narrow it down to one thing. Well I say screw that! I do not believe that you have to have a niche. And at this point in my life, having a ton of different social media profiles and blogs is, quite frankly, overwhelming.

Soo…. I have two Instagram accounts: @marybeth_arnold is for all of my sewing and craft pursuits, and @dougandsmalls is for makeup and beauty. I have two YouTube channels (links are on the front page) and this one big website to house it all in. I don’t post every single day on every single channel but if you follow this website you won’t miss a thing! 😉

I have sectioned things off a little bit so if you are only here for one particular thing you will be able to locate it easily.

This website is me. I am a real human and I am not perfect.  Haters and Trolls will be blocked and deleted.